Holistic Psychiatry


Holistic Psychiatry has evolved as an alternative to Conventional Psychiatry. It can be beneficial to those who have not seen results from multiple treatments offered by the conventional medical approach, for those who want to avoid side effects from psychotropic medications, and for those patients who are sensitive to medication or unresponsive to psychotropic drugs. Patients who are searching for a more natural approach to health in terms of balancing the mind, body and spirit will benefit from the Holistic approach.

The goal of Holistic Psychiatry is reduce suffering and help people to restore full physical and emotional health by reestablishing their internal equilibrium and balance with the environment, thereby returning them to full productivity and a sense of wellbeing and happiness.
Holistic Psychiatry aims to address the source of imbalance of that led to a psychiatric condition, thus eliminating symptoms of the disease.

fall-autumn-red-seasonThe diagnostic methods used in this approach include conventional testing, integrative laboratory work, energetic testing and intuitive understanding.
Treatment methods are highly individualized and chosen specifically for the particular patient, not just based on the disease or the symptoms that present. Multiple treatment methods are used to resolve a patient’s condition. On a physical level symptoms are reduced by eliminating toxins and restoring deficiencies through vitamins, minerals, hormones and nutrients.  Supplements are administered orally, by injection, or intravenously; balance of the nervous system can be restored through Neural Therapy.  When necessary conventional medications are prescribed as well.

At our clinic, we strive to optimize a healthy life style through nutrition and exercise.
We aid in the restoration of energetic balance by using homeopathy, acupuncture, EFT, ACMOS and other non-invasive yet exceptionally effective methods. We address emotional issues and traumas by using the highly advanced psychotherapeutic/ energetic methods of Applied Psycho-Neuro-Immunology and Guided Imagery. We help to improve self-esteem and well being through Positive Psychology and resilience training. We address issues of family traumas and spirituality through Systemic Family Constellation and meditation.
We work as a team, doing our best to make the patient’s experience at our clinic a pleasant and healing one.

We acknowledge that psychotropic medication and other contemporary methods like ECT can be helpful for some psychiatric patients. However, most treatment methods have been tested  in studies lasting only a few weeks in a highly selective (unrepresentative) sample of patients; therefore their long-term efficacy is usually limited. Unfortunately, most psychotropic medications are known for their iatrogenic effects (toxic effects caused by the medical treatment). For example, treatment with antidepressants can cause a patient to develop suicidal behavior or bipolar disorder; treatment with antipsychotic medications can cause life threatening medical complications, such as diabetes or obesity; and treatment with Lithium can cause kidney failure, thyroid insufficiency and obesity.
It is our goal to provide a safe and effective alternative to these treatments. We invite you to read more on our website about the services we offer.



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