Patient Testimonials

“Dr Gurevich’s treatment with neural therapy has changed my life. I have dramatically less chronic jaw, neck and shoulder pain, improved chronic digestive problems and no longer have nonspecific muscle pain. My overall mood and energy has improved. I never thought that at 57 I could regain this sense of wellbeing. I have been to many physicians and healers over the past 15 years. Therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractics and Tai Chi which have helped to a degree now have a greater, healing effect since I began the neural therapy. My hope is that this testimonial can help spread the word to others of this deep healing modality.” - Barbara A., patient

“I am alive because of Dr. Gurevich. Dr. Gurevich provided unconditional positive regard, support and care until I understood the purpose of my life. I experience optimal physical health and mental stability because of his training in alternative medicine and holistic psychiatry.” - M., patient

“Dr. Gurevich is an eclectic psychiatrist. He uses a multi-faceted approach with his patients. Many patients gain health from his techniques. He is a caring and warm person which adds to his approach to patient care.” - R. H., patient

“I was struggling with many difficult injuries and issues that were not dealt with effectively in traditional psychiatry. My personal struggles led me to substance abuse and self-destructive behavior. I was losing hope in having any type of a life without the medication because that is all that my other doctor was telling me. I was supposed to be a life-long victim, forever on medication. My parents tried 43 different psychiatrists on Long Island and nobody would even talk to me on the phone because I was labeled suicidal and psychotic. Doctor Gurevich accepted me as a patient and thus began my life transformation. The first step that he took was to reduce my medications and putting me on supplements. The kinesiology treatments completely changed my perception of what bodily health is. Doctor Gurevich’s methods seemed un-orthodox at first, but as my treatment continued, it was the traditional psychiatry that began to seem un-orthodox. I’ve been off all of medication, the medication that I was supposed to be on forever, for one year now. I went back to school and finished a B.S. Science degree and I have worked a year in a professional capacity. I am healthier than I have ever been and have hope for the future. I was very, very, lucky to have found him. Doctor Gurevich is more than a good doctor. He gave me my life back. He is what Doctors are supposed to be in a society: healer, teacher, and philosopher. Thank you, Dr. Gurevich, words cannot accurately describe what you have given me.” - P., patient

“I came to Dr. Gurevich because of my inability to healthily handle an adverse work situation and some very nasty custody issues with my ex-wife (in fact, I was not functioning very well in any area of my life). Dr. Gurevich led me to the realization that my past actions and behavior had conditioned me to respond in a self-destructive way. I have improved considerably under his care. I am healthier and happier than when I started. I am able to talk and act more rationally than I did before, and most importantly, my relationships with my wife and sons have improved considerably. I talk to Dr. Gurevich about my situation and how I react, Dr. Gurevich tries to get me to eat better and exercise, and he gets me to think and act on my spiritual situation. He has engaged my mind, my body, and my soul — I don’t think improvement would be possible unless I deal with me totally, and Dr Gurevich leads me to view myself more completely. Dr. Gurevich has never judged me, and he treats me as a fully functioning, intelligent person. He believes that I can get better, and I am.” - D. W., patient

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