Neural Therapy Symposium 2020, Orlando FLA


Dear Colleagues,
I would like to invite you to our upcoming Neural Therapy Symposium
February 28 –March 1, 2020 in Orlando Florida.

This will be a very special teaching and training seminar.  We will have experienced presenters from North America and Europe. Neural therapy is a practical hands-on technique. Therefore, after each lecture segment you will have an opportunity to practice injections.

We will have four different workshops going on at the same time: one for beginners, one for dentists and two for those with experience.

The format of our symposium is unique in many ways.  You will have the opportunity to meet your colleagues and share your personal experiences as well as ask questions in a safe, friendly environment.  There is something about experiencing the healing that comes from this injection therapy, together as a group, that allows people to become more connected and open in their communication.

Please visit web site to register for our symposium and become members of the North American Academy of Neural Therapy.

Dr. Michael Gurevich

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