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Donna Seico-Reinheimer, Therapeutic Pharmacy Manager

Donna Seico-Reinheimer, Therapeutic Pharmacy Manager


As the Office Manager at Transformational Healing Solutions, Donna brings to the table a plethora of organizational skills along with a calming and comforting presence. Donna is a student of life and after earning her M.A. in Communications Art in 2007, she made a career change.  Being drawn to a more spiritual and holistic path and finding balance in nature, she discovered the benefits of ancient healing systems such as Ayurveda, yoga and contemporary Bio-Energy healing.  Donna has certifications from the Kripalu Foundation of Ayurveda (250 Hours), Yoga Teacher Training (200 Hours) and Pure Bio Energy Healing via the Zoran Hochstatter method.  Donna’s experiences in these holistic techniques enable her to provide compassionate support to the patients at Transformational Healing Solutions.  Her continued interest in exploring the art of healing adds value to the team and provides an additional resource for patient care.

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