Psychosomatic Energetic Therapy

Psychosomatic Energetic Therapy

Mind Body Medicine & The Healing System of Psychosomatic Energetics

In modern times we are faced with many different challenges to overcoming chronic disease.  So the question arises, how do we heal?

True healing is achieved when the root cause of disease is determined and the underlying conflicts within the body are resolved.  Promoting harmony between the body and mind is an essential component of this process.  Many systems of medicine throughout history have recognized the critical importance of the connection between mental emotional wellbeing and the health of the physical body.

Psychosomatic energetics, developed by German physician Reimar Banis, is a system of medicine that takes a unique perspective on healing and disease. It is based upon the notion that the cause of disease is often hidden deep within unresolved emotional conflicts, the most important of which is termed the “central conflict.”

Inner conflicts not only disrupt the proper functioning of the nervous system, but also shape a person’s behavior and character and can determine how they feel physically.  Past emotional traumas that represent a negative experience or conflict are repressed and stored in the subconscious, robbing us of our energy supply.  As this conflict is stored, it promotes a repetitive behavioral pattern where a person can feel stuck energetically with an emotional theme such as fear, anger, or grief, and disease symptoms can manifest in the physical realm.

In order for health to occur there must be a harmonious balance between subtle energy, also referred to as the life force, or qi in Chinese medicine, and the mind and body.  Emotional conflicts are blocks at the level of the subtle energy, and so it is determined in the system of psychosomatic energetics, that energy medicine is needed to clear them.

Psychosomatic energetics is currently practiced by hundreds of therapists in many different countries throughout the world.  It is influenced historically by Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Indian ayurveda and yoga therapy, Bach flower remedies and homeopathy, as well as the ancient Greek system of medicine, traditional Shamanism, and psychoanalysis.

Utilizing the ancient Indian understanding of the energy centers within the body known as the chakras, a simple muscle test can be done to determine where an energy block from a stored trauma is located within the body.  A clinician will then prescribe a unique blend of complex energetic remedies to clear these blocks and promote cellular homeostasis and detoxification.

Psychosomatic energetic therapy has shown many profound clinical results including:

  • Greater ability to cope with stress
  • Stimulation of the self-healing mechanism of the body
  • Improved self-esteem and empowerment
  • The disappearance of certain physical symptoms or complaints over time.
  • Increased response to psychotherapy

Identifying and treating blocked energy patterns in the body is an essential first step to the resolution of chronic disease.  Profound healing becomes possible through the examination and treatment of the relationship between body and mind.


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