Mental Field Therapy (MFT)

MFT is one of the emerging energy psychology healing methods that connect an understanding of energetic (acupuncture) meridians with psychological issues. Tapping specific acupuncture points facilitates effective and rapid resolution of physical, energetic and emotional issues. To be effective you need to observe several rules:

  • Focus intently on troubling sensations, emotions, or memories while tapping.
  • Tap points by using all 10 fingertips. Keep wrist relaxed and flexible. Tap strongly and slowly about one tap per second.
  • Tap yourself in a rhythm of the heartbeat or waltz. Tap every point nine times.
  • Look at yourself in a mirror and make eye contact with yourself, or have somebody listen to you, to be a witness to your healing.
  • Take a deep breath after each round of tapping, notice sensations in your body, feelings, emotions, memories. Focus on them again while tapping.
  • Hum or repeat affirmations while tapping. “Even though I… (Say several negative and troubling things you are working on), I fully and completely accept myself and love myself the way I am.” (Repeat all affirmations while tapping initial four points, and only negative issues when tapping the rest.)
  • To deepen an experience, move your eyes side to side or put on glasses of a specific color.

MFT points:

  • Crown line (Governor 19-21 points)
    Along sagittal suture (it is a line between two bones on the top of the head, from the crown of the head toward the nose). Position all fingers along this line.
  • Eyebrow (Bladder 1-2 and extra points)
    Little finger positioned over the beginning of the nose, with the rest of the fingers around the eyebrow.
  • Temple (Gall bladder 1)
    From the corner of the eye, where pinky should touch during tapping, toward the ear. Feeling two bones connecting, position the rest of your fingers.
  • Nuchal line (between Gallbladder 20 and Bladder 10 and many extra points)
    Immediately behind the mastoid all the way to the midline. Tap with the side of your palm, like in a karate chop.
  • Stomach line (Stomach 1, 2, 3)
    Position index finger on the bone just below the eye, the rest of the fingers curving down the face with the pinky just to the side of the corner of the mouth. Thumb falls under the zygoma bone (Small intestine 18).
  • Upper jaw line (Governor 26 and upper jaw dental acupuncture points)
    The middle finger is on the spot halfway between the nose and the upper lip. The other fingers lie naturally to both sides over the teeth.
  • Lower jaw line (Conception Vessel 24 and lower jaw dental points)
    Pinky in the middle under the lower lip, the rest of the fingers on both sides of the teeth.
  • Under the arm pits (chicken wings) (Spleen 21)
    Tap on the line under the arm pits with the thumb and index fingers forming a V shape, while hands flex as if chicken wings.
  • Thymus (breast bone line) (Kidney 27, 26 and Thymus)
    Thumb lies in the hollow underneath the clavicle, just adjacent to the sternum, with the other fingers going down the sides of the sternum.

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