Michael I. Gurevich, MD, CAc

Michael I. Gurevich, MD, CAc

Michael Gurevich, MD is a holistically minded board certified psychiatrist who is extensively trained in the practice of Neural Therapy in the United States.  He has been recognized by Newsday and the prestigious Castle Connnoly directory as a top Long Island doctor for over a decade.  He is Board Certified in Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, certified by the Board of Holistic Medicine, Acupuncture, and is trained in EMDR, guided imagery, Autonomic Response Testing, Neural Therapy and many other treatment methods.

A personal message from Dr. Michael Gurevich

mg-pix-newer“I began my career in psychiatry over two decades ago as a conventional psychiatrist. I was treating patients in an inpatient psychiatric unit, in outpatient private practice and in a substance abuse clinic. I passed several boards, was familiar with all of the contemporary medications and kept abreast with the latest developments.  I wanted my patients to get well, but conventional treatments were not working. Even those who got better initially usually relapsed within several months and all of my patients experienced side effects from my treatment. I thought perhaps it was me who did not know how to use the latest medications– maybe I just needed to go to additional seminars and read more.  But gradually I began to see that the outcomes my patients had was a result of the state of conventional psychiatry.  There were no expectations in conventional psychiatry for patients to get well.  The goal was to suppress symptoms, and side effects were an unavoidable price they had to pay for having a mental illness.

In looking for alternatives, I came across a simple method to treat substance abuse patients:  auricular (ear) acupuncture. It showed promise and patients loved it.  I went for training to become a certified acupuncturist. In the process, I learned that there are other ways to understand and treat people within the paradigm of a mind-body-spirit connection.  I began to learn and practice meditation, guided imagery and yoga. During my meditation retreat in 1994, I realized that I could not practice medicine in the usual way.  It did not work for me or my patients, and I decided to take “the road less travelled”– to take risks and become innovative. After making my decision and applying what I learned in my clinical practice, I noticed many of my patients began to finally get well.

In summer 2000, I met my mentor, Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., who taught me how to personalize treatment of every patient   based on muscle testing.  I began to learn the importance of nutrition, hormones and toxins, and ways to resolve physical and emotional traumas. I also began to understand that there were ways to treat mental conditions without medications, and that medications themselves can be an obstacle to full recovery. I learned ways to get patients off medications and help them to heal.

An important personal lesson was given to me by my daughter Ilana and her illness.  She was suffering from Crohn’s Disease, a devastating condition misdiagnosed for many years. Conventional medicine did not have a good answer for her treatment, or for the treatment of most chronic medical conditions. The best experts in the treatment of Crohn’s disease predicted Ilana’s life to be one of continuous suffering from the disease’s symptoms and the side effects of medications.  But a naturopathic doctor helped her to become completely well. She herself become a successful naturopath and acupuncturist and has joined me as a colleague in my clinic, together with her husband.

I strongly believe that we have an innate capacity to become well and live a happy and productive life. It has become my purpose in life to help those affected by emotional and physical conditions to get completely well. There are so many different ways to help those who suffer, but many of the available methods lie beyond the scope of conventional medicine and are therefore looked down upon by conventional doctors. I am eager to learn as many of them as possible and use them as a tool to help my patients.  I am also interested in supporting research into their effectiveness.

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Treatment and Healing Methods we provide:

  • Holistic Psychiatry and Medicine
  • Medications Management (Psychopharmacology)
  • Psychotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Bee venom therapy (Apitherapy)
  • Guided Imagery
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Applied Psycho-Neurobiology (APN) and Autonomic Response Testing (ART)
  • Herbs and supplements
  • Alcohol and substance abuse treatment
  • Energetic treatment
  • Systemic Family Constellation (Hellinger) Method
  • Neural Therapy
  • IV Therapy

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