Medications and Psychotherapy

Medications and Psychotherapy

Medication use has become prominent in the last 40-50 years with the advent and proliferation of multiple psychotropic medications. In many cases medications have saved and change the lives of many people. However, they also have many side effects and limitations. Those who suffer from emotional conditions are often looking for alternatives to the multiple known and emerging side effects. Unfortunately, most Western-trained psychiatrists are only vaguely aware of them.

We offer options for those who are on medications and prefer to continue to take them as part of their treatment. For those who would like to get off medications there are many alternatives in healing.

Psychotherapy has been another cornerstone of traditions psychiatry. It has deep roots in Freudian psychoanalysis. It has been an incredible tool in deepening understanding of our psychology, but unfortunately disappointing in helping to provide healing for those in need. Multiple and essentially very similar modifications have emerged, competing with each other.

The methods we offer can compliment ongoing psychotherapy or provide alternative options.


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