Trauma Resolution Therapy (TRT)* and EMDR

Trauma Resolution Therapy (TRT)* and EMDR

Trauma Resolution Therapy (TRP) is a unique therapeutic method clinically proven to resolve acute and long-lasting emotional traumas using an amalgam of physical, psychological, and spiritual healing tools. It is guided by Modified Muscle Testing (MMT) to find an affectedenergetic and physical organ and corresponding emotion.Using advanced forms of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing),combining it with psychological/spiritual methods, and adding Neural Therapy (if needed),facilitate speedy resolution of traumatic memories, facilitating healing.

Emotional traumas are the source of multiple physical and emotional conditions. Contemporary psychiatric tools like medications can temporarily reduce symptoms of psychiatric disorders but do not resolve them.

There has yet to be a precise location where emotional memories are stored. One of the hypotheses is that they are stored holographically, diffusely in every part and cell of our body, not just in the brain. Particular emotions are often stored in specific Energetic/physical organs.We have all heard “I have a gut feeling,” “Anal character,” or “When I’m hungry, I’m angry,” or “PMS symptoms.”

In Chinese acupuncture, there is an understanding that acupuncture meridian organs store specific emotions. There is a list of those specific emotions. They can be easily found using muscle testing. Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is a Western connection to acupuncture meridians. ANS and acupuncture points are often superimposed.

Using Trauma Resolution Therapy (TRP) we presume that traumatic emotional memories are stored in the body energetically, often in multiple energy centers, ganglia, scars, brains, etc. Resolving traumatic memories is like peeling an onion: layer by layer.

A twenty-nine-year-old woman was seeking treatment because of severe anxiety, bulimia, substance abuse in temporary remission and dependence on stimulant medications. She lost her virginity at 19 to an abusive boyfriend. Being deeply traumatized by him, she had several abortions. Muscle testing pointed to the pelvic area. Neural Therapy injections to the pelvic region were followed by EMDR. She had a sudden recollection of molestation as a child. Talking with her parents, they identified the culprit: a son of her babysitter. In the next few sessions, we resolved her self-hate for having abortions and submitting herself to abusive

During the subsequent meetings, superficial injections of the esophagus and stomach areas helped to resolve bulimia. Following every session, she was given assignments seeking resolution through writing, drawings, and symbolic rituals. She was able to resolve many traumatic memories, opening doors to a new life order. Most of her earlier medications were discontinued.

The more traumatic the experience, the more significant the impact.

A thirty-five-year-old attorney had the traumatic delivery of her first child. She sustained multiple tears in her pelvic area (episiotomy scars) and suffered from long-lasting postpartum depression, with poor response to several antidepressants. Muscle testing pointed to episiotomy scar as a primary issue to be addressed. Injecting an episiotomy scar, using EMDR, guided imagery, and writing assignments during several meetings helped her to fully resolve her traumatic memories. She got well. She stopped all her medications and a year later had an uneventful delivery.

Memories are stored in layers. The earlier the trauma, the more significant the impact.

A Forty-five-year-old police officer was forced to retire after he adamantly refused COVID vaccination. He felt unjust, protested in multiple meetings, developed severe anger, insomnia, and agitation. His symptoms escalated into mania and psychosis. He was hospitalized in a psychiatric unit for two weeks and discharged on several medications. Initial EMDR focused on deep grief over his fellow dead comrades and friends. But the deeper issue was molestation when he was a child. Within a few weeks we were able to taper and discontinue his medications. He responded well to Trauma Resolution Therapy (TRP), however he did not want to have Neural Therapy, even though muscle testing was pointing to the prostate as an important source of his childhood trauma. He is doing well and negotiating to return to his work.

*This therapy has not been tested in double-blind control studies and is not officially approved by AMA or American Psychiatric Association.

This method was developed over a decade ago based on an empirical observation. Francine Shapiro PhD, noticed that if we focus on a stressful memory while rotating our eyes back and forth, the stress usually diminishes and resolves. This is a simple treatment method, which has gained a deserved popularity among many psychotherapists. At its core, it utilizes the mind’s natural ability to heal itself. It imitates the body’s natural self-healing response during REM (Rapid Eye Movement stage during the sleep cycle). The method is used for treatment of multiple emotional and physical conditions. There is a long list of articles testifying to its effectiveness.


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