About Us

Our Integrative Approach To Medicine

Our approach is to seamlessly integrate various time-tested ancient ways of understanding and healing with western contemporary and newly emerging ideas of knowledge and treatment with the ultimate goal of healing our clients.

We look at a person in a holistic way, that is, as somebody who happens to be suffering from a particular condition that may only be temporary, possibly lost behind multiple symptoms and diseases that are causing them to suffer. We look to explore the reasons for the condition that causes suffering and disease. Behind every symptom there is a HUMAN BEING who needs to be seen and with whom we need to connect. We do our best to deeply care about this person and not just about symptoms, complaints and lab results, although their importance is not ignored or denied. Our primary concern is for the person who comes to us, not just the complaint or disease.

We believe that within each of us exists an absolute and infinite source of healing, which can be accessed and harnessed. We facilitate the person’s healing journey through the body-mind-spirit connection and the laws of nature.

Meet The Team

Michael I Gurevich, MD, CAc


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Tia Trivisonno, ND, LAc, MSOM 


Gloria Sochacki, Patient Care Coordinator


Donna Seico-Reinheimer, Therapeutic Pharmacy Manager

Holistic Approach to Psychiatry

We have particular expertise with psychiatric treatment-resistant clients who have failed to improve despite multiple medications, who have suffered numerous side effects and who are terrified of withdrawal from psychotropic medications. We offer them safe ways to get off medications and regain their happiness and well being.

The majority of our patients are those who have tried many traditional western treatment techniques or alternative approaches but were either disappointed, failed to respond, or had too many side effects and/or iatrogenic (treatment-caused) injuries; or in some cases have just been deeply misunderstood because of their uniqueness and sensitivity. Many say at the end of their visit: “Doctor, you are our last stop”. We do our best not to disappoint them.

Most of our patients come from Long Island and the five boroughs of New York City, but some travel from other states. To accommodate people from a distance we do offer telephone appointments after the initial in-person consultation.

Our Goals

Our goal is to help people regain their inner vitality, happiness, balance in life and high productivity. We do it by using our knowledge, intuitive abilities, sensitivity, support, positive attitudes and intentions. We use various treatment and diagnostic methods to accomplish our goal.

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